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Linda Sojda is a contemporary fine artist located in Gloucester, MA on Cape Ann. She works from her studio at Cripple Cove Studios on East Main Street in East Gloucester, where her art practice examines color, pattern, shape and texture and what happens when these elements are juxtaposed. The unexpected combinations gives her painting direction. Her work is non-representational and yet it is very much inspired by the landscape. Nature’s organic patterns and shapes, contrasting hues of color and unintended markings offer vast possibilities.

She works in mediums that foster exploration and unforeseen outcomes. Encaustic work using oil and wax can be blended, layered, scraped, and sanded allowing transparencies and depth of field. She also paintx with sumi ink and gouache on Japanese Okawara paper. With this medium she deconstructs Chinese characters and uses the gestural brushstrokes and negative space to shape an image. This approach results in paintings that are direct, immediate and bold.