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My art practice examines color, pattern, shape and texture and what happens when these elements are juxtaposed. The unexpected combinations give my painting direction. My work is non-representational and yet it is very much inspired by the landscape. Nature’s organic patterns and shapes, contrasting hues of color and unintended markings offer vast possibilities.

I work in mediums that foster exploration and unforeseen outcomes. Oil and wax can be blended, layered, scraped, and sanded allowing transparencies and depth of field. I also paint with sumi ink and gouache on Japanese Okawara paper. With this medium I deconstruct Chinese characters and use the gestural brushstrokes and negative space to shape an image. This approach results in paintings that are direct, immediate and bold.


In kindergarten I painted a bowl of fresh fruit sitting on my teacher’s desk. Miss Gray liked my painting so much that she showed it to the principal. He must have liked it too because he had it framed and hung it in his office. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve had many great days in my life, but that day is still one of the best. Since that time, making art has never really left me. Painting in my studio, visiting a gallery or new exhibit, gathering with my artist’s group or sketching ideas at home, art has been a constant in my life. I am beyond grateful.

I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, about fifty miles west of Buffalo, New York. In college I studied art earning a degree in art education. I was privileged to teach art K-12 in New York, Michigan and California. At the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts I am an educator to both adults and children. Today I live in Gloucester Massachusetts, home to the Rocky Neck Art Colony, the oldest ongoing art colony in America. I have maintained a studio in East Gloucester for several years where I lead small workshops and welcome visitors. As an active member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony I currently serve on its board of directors.

My work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the United States and Canada.